Playa PAraiso

Los Belones

Los Belones high street

Los Belones is not the most attractive village in the region, however it has a lot more to offer than is immediately obvious. It is well worth exploring the back streets.

There are many restaurants and some very useful shops. The most surprising thing is that a lot of the shops appear to be very basic on the outside, but are smart, clean and modern inside.

We have found the opticians (optica) on the far right of the top photo to be very helpful.
Opposite the church is a small square, where there is often entertainment on summer evenings.
In the row of shops, on the right, beyond the church, is a good hardware store (ferreteria) and nearby up a side street is a small wine shop (bodega) with some well chosen and fairly priced wines and extremely helpful and friendly staff.

At the opposite end of the village is Cala Mayor. This is mainly made up of offices (estate agents and solicitors), bars and restaurants.
Los Belones bar

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