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Beach bar 1At the end of April last year (2006) several beach bars appeared between Playa Paraiso and Playa Honda. Unfortunately, they were only a temporary addition to the area and disappeared again at the end of September. We are told they will be back this summer.

The first one (pictured right ) is located at the Playa Paraiso end of the beach.
By the end of last summer, the seating had spread onto the beach with loungers and cushions and there was a definite hippy feel about the bar. They also played an interesting selection of background music (eg. Antony and the Johnsons). Very friendly, young staff.

A bit further along the beach towards Playa Honda there was another bar, pictured below ) This was run by Julian and tended to be where people congregated in the evening. Particularly good fun were the huge wobbly plastic beakers that were used for serving large beers. A good place to watch the sun set.

The third bar is on the Playa Honda beach and is, apparently, a little more sophisticated. We heard that it served good tapas and sardines and was an extension of Casablanca. Unfortunately, we never made it that far, but hope to do so this year, if we can make it past the first two bars!

In 2007 there were only two bars, with the first one moving to Cala Reon.
However the new one at Playa Honda served excellent seafood at lunchtimes and was very popular.
Beach bar 2
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