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From Los Nietos to Cartagena
Train to CartagenaThis local train service is modern, efficient and cheap. It runs at least once an hour and takes about 30 minutes to go from Los Nietos to Cartagena, stopping at most of the villages along the way.
(The train route is marked on the tourist map.)
Click here for the timetable.

The are two stations at either end of Los Nietos and parking is not a problem as both have large, free car parks. The return fare is under 2.50€, normally paid to the conductor on the train.
You will be given two tickets and a receipt. The tickets open the barriers in the station at Cartagena and the receipt is your return ticket. The train terminates at a station in Cartagena which seems to serve only this line (the main line station is not far away) and is midway between Carrefour and the port - both are within easy walking distance.

There are plenty of interesting things to see along the way and using the train avoids having to drive into Cartagena and the rather erratic driving that you sometimes come across in the city!

This service is very popular with locals and serves what appears to be a 'sixth form' college near La Union. The atmosphere on the train is often lively and fun; not at all like a UK commuter train.

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