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This is a simple mod that will allow you to use TalkBack for reviews/ratings. It uses the subject field to store the rating number. View this image to see an example test page.

Backup the test.php file in your talkback directory.

Make sure this line var rating='../talkback/images/'+last_char+'star.gif'; in /talkback/addons/review-rating-mod/review-comments-display-tpl.php contains the correct path to the images directory.

Copy the four .php files in /talkback/addons/review-rating-mod/ to your talkback directory.

Change the file names of the four template files under "Template File Names" in configuration settings .

Browse to Enter a test review and submit it. The page should look the same as this image. If you don’t see the stars edit the path (see above) to the images file until you do.

Customize the templates for your site.

Thanks to Michael Vaughan,