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The Mud People

The guide book says: "The healing mud of Mar Menor: Healing Mud Mar Menor mud. Mar Menor, with its high proportion of sunny days per year, has an ideal climate for the natural production of rich clays.
These have been used for therapeutic treatment for thousands of years - the Greeks were fond of such treatment, and Galen, in the 2nd century AD, wrote about the healing properties of mud.
At Mar Menor you can find a range of healing treatments, said to cure a wide range of conditions including rheumatism, skin complaints, gout and broken bones. "
Mar Menor Mud
Mar Menor mud peopleThis explains why you can be walking along the beach and are suddenly confronted by people covered from head to toe in black mud. When dry, the mud has a silky sheen.
In various backwaters around the Mar Menor you can find dozens of people wading around and plastering themselves with the black silt. Apparently, it cures everything.

The explanation is that the mud and water of the Mar Menor have a very high mineral content and that, along with the sun, does a body good.

The 'stuff' does look suspiciously like some sort of industrial by-product. However, it does seem to work. Several cynical Brits have been known to sneak off quietly, give it a try and then sing its praises.

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