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Menú del Día

Menu of the Day
This is served in most restaurants at lunchtime and is great value for money, ranging in price from about 8€ to 14€ per person. Typically, this includes olives or cold meat, salad, starter, main course, dessert, coffee and a drink (i.e. 1/2 bottle of house wine).
These meals are very popular with Spanish workers and tend to be simple dishes, with a limited choice. However, it is often an interesting selection of freshly prepared, everyday local food .
Main courses will typically be a simple meat and potato stew, a fish dish or a chicken portion with a tomato sauce. For desserts look out for Crema Catalana (or anything custard based).

I'll start a list, please send me more:
Casablanca (Playa Honda) Take your phrase book, the menu is only in Spanish and often vague. Food is very basic but one lunchtime I had the best sardines I have ever tasted; the house wine is very good.

Borsalino (La Manga Strip at about 2 Km on the right) Right on the beach, overlooking the Mediterranean. This is an expensive French style restaurant by night. However, on weekday lunchtimes they serve a Menú del Día for less than the normal cost of a main course in the evening. The hake meuniere was delicious, as was the house pâté. Limited choice, but quality (when we went) was excellent.
Gran Borsalino - La Manga Strip
Sol Mar (In the same row as Borsalino) Spanish and Cuban food. Very popular, lively and friendly. On weekdays it serves a simple, good quality Menú del Día. At weekends there is a more 'fancy' menu, but it costs a little more.

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